Monday, May 30, 2011

Buy a Soldier a Cup of Coffee

For $2.00 per cup, you can provide a soldier who is overseas with a cup of Joe.

It seems like the least we can do.

I don't have experience with this organization, so I can't vouch for them.  However, I know people who have contributed with no problems and they usually get a nice thank you note from the recipient.  I'm planning to do this later today.

Let's remember the reason for the holiday.  ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Living Room - Before Pictures

Well, I think my husband and I decided on Water Chestnut for the walls (see previous post), and ivory or white for the ceiling and trim.

Here are the before pictures of our living/dining room.  It looks cluttered because there's a lot of furniture, but I think we'll be moving at least one piece out.  We'll also be decluttering the walls.  The cat trees are an eyesore, I know, but my three cats love them and can sit on them and look out the large window.  So they stay, unfortunately.

I hate the low ceilings, but hopefully painting the walls a darker color and leaving the ceiling white will add the illusion of height.

We'll be starting the painting on Friday, and I'll post "After" pictures!  I'm so excited....!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painting My Living Room

After several years of a stark white living room, we are finally going to paint it, and the hallway that runs off of it, over Memorial Day weekend.  Yay!

The first dilemma, of course, is what color to paint?  I want something neutral because we have some reds and browns in the room (furniture and a large area rug).  There's a brown leather couch, a red and gold area rug, some oak furniture, and our floor is a light maple.  Nothing really matches but I don't like matchy-matchy stuff anyway.  I want to introduce one or two more colors after we paint, or maybe just bring in more red since I love to decorate with red.

I'm leaning towards these two:

Water Chestnut and Soft Sage

I probably have a preference for the Water Chestnut.  That's what a friend has in her house, and I think it looks so nice.  Well, anything will be better than the white we have now, right?

I'd love to hear opinions or even other color options.

I'll post "before" pictures as soon as I can.