Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dotcetera Sunday (for the love of all things polka dot)

Since life has knocked me to my knees lately, I've been complacent about doing my Sunday ode to all things polka dot!  Let's fix that!

I've been doing some browsing online and I wandered over to one of my favorite places to find gifts:  I don't have experience with any of these sellers personally, but all the items I'm featuring look well-made.

Here are some lovely holiday-related items I found.

Beautiful Christmas stocking

So, this Ribbon Initial Necklace isn't Christmasy exactly, but it would me a darling gift!

This Christmas bell ornament would go well with any decor.

Christmas Hair Bow

JOY Hand-Painted Wooden Letters

Picture Frame

Blown-Glass Ornament

The last item is also something that might make a cute, unique stocking stuffer...a handbag holder.


Robin said...

Gosh I share your love for polka dots! What fun!

Maggie said...

The polka dotted JOY is my favorite!