Friday, March 1, 2013

Pink Saturday: What's Pink on My Desk?

Hello and welcome to the weekend!

I'm joining the folks at How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday.  Please go over and visit!

I'm a huge lover of all things pink, and I have managed to incorporate it into almost every aspect of my life, including my desk at work!

A little picture that hangs from my monitor

A sweet picture of Paris, some folders, and a pencil

My monitor's background

Even hand sanitizer!

Do you have anything pink where you work?

I hope your weekend is splendid!



LV said...

I am sorry to say, I do not have pink in my home and I give up work a long time ago. I do enjoy wearing pink, but just never seem to find the right thing.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Pink Purell? Nice, we always buy the clear one.

My Pink
Your comment will be greatly appreciated.

Happy Pink Saturday.

Tami Von Zalez said...

No pink at work, I go more for the earth tones.

Popped in from Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Did I have pink on or around my desk when I was still working? I don't think I did...wait...I had a pencil holder with a little package box on a stick that was pink. So I did have pink then.
In my "office" at home I have pinks though - here and there.
Enjoyed my visit - Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

Jennifer said...

Melissa, you have ONLY come to my blog when I post about my feelings, this time is no different from any other time. Maybe it would be best if you didn't visit anymore. I need people in my life right now that can help me through this not make me feel worse. I wish you well.

Joyce Lansky said...

Not too much pink in my office, other than my lips... but I don't get to look at them when I work. Two days a week, I teach and have a lot of pink lips to look at on those days. :)