Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Card

Here is the first card I've made with some of the supplies my friend Cynthia sent me.  The bunny is a digital stamp that I colored.

The spots on the ruffle are actually sparkles, but I couldn't quite capture that in a picture.

This was so much fun, and I plan to make more, but it took me forever.  It basically ate up my whole day off!

When I get a decent area set up in which to work, that will make it easier.  I'm going to be converting my son's old bedroom into an office/craft room.  I'll post pictures of the transformation whenever I get to it!  I have this dumb thing called a "job" that keeps getting in the way of my fun! Hehe!


Donna said...

Hi Melissa! Thanks for the sweet comment on my Mary collection! That's an adorable card! And yes, won't it be wonderful to have your very own space to be creative in!.. Donna

Buttercup said...

I know how you feel. I'm looking to set up an area in my bedroom to keep my craft things ready for work. Won't happen for a little while, but it's a definite goal. Your bunny looks so cute.

Moments of Grace said...

What a wonderful way to spend time. I have always enjoyed making my own cards and your easter bunny gives me some new ideas. Thanks for such a sweet post.

In Grace,