Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Baby Girl

I can't believe you are 21 today.  How quickly the years have flown by.  I'm so proud of the young woman you've become and the ways in which you continue to grow.  You love your family, your friends, and performing with your dance company.  You are formulating plans for making this world a better place in such an unselfish way.  I love you!  Have the best birthday ever.

One month old

One year old

Five years old

17 years old

And, today...

I'm linking up with Katherine at Katherine's Corner for Thursday Favorite Things.  Go over and take a look!


Katherines Corner said...

They grow up so fast. She is lovely. Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for participating in the hop. xo

Donna said...

Oh, Melissa, your daughter is soooo pretty!! They grow up so quickly, don't they? Mine are now 23 and 26 and it seems like yesterday they were babies. I'm sure you understand. Thanks for the sweet message re: the cat tins! I have to say I was tempted to keep them myself! haha... Donna