Thursday, September 27, 2012

You know that rumor about zombies coming...

Well, here in my city, they will arrive on October 13th!  Not to worry, though.  It's all for fun and to collect food and funds for our county's food bank.

I have yet to attend this extravaganza.  It seems a little too creepy to me, but friends who have gone say it is a fun-filled event.  This might be the year I take the plunge!  What costume should I wear??

People dress in costumes...anything from Alice in Wonderland to various animals.  The twist is that they use makeup to make themselves appear zombified (is that a word?).

Here is a link to the event:

Do you have anything like this in your community?  I'd love to hear about it!

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Buttercup said...

I don't think we have anything quite like this, but I have to be honest, this would scare me to pieces. I don't even do scary movies, and had a nightmare from reading half of "Twilight."