Sunday, September 12, 2010


I truly hope to have more focused posts one day.  My plan is to have a different specific topic each time.  Right now I'm still getting used to using so these first few posts will be simplistic and a little scattered, but please add me to your blog lists and keep checking back.

Today I put up a list of blogs I visit on a regular basis.  They give me inspiration for various reasons and I hope you'll have a look at them.

Not only do I like the blues that I mentioned yesterday, but I'm a big fan of brown and pink paired together.

I recently purchased this tote bag to take my lunch and other items in to work:

Another recent purchase was this decorative pillow for the master bed.  I realize it's more beige than brown but it fit with our bedspread better LOL:

I also really like these pillows and may get them to go with the one above:

All of these items are from if you haven't noticed the trend hehe.  I love them for their fast, inexpensive shipping, and I've never been disappointed in any purchase I've made.  Plus, they have everything!!!

Now, if we're talking throw pillows, let's not forget rugs.  Isn't this a beautiful rug from Anthropologie?

That's all for today.  Happy Sunday!

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Melissa Miller said...

Pretty pillows too!

Your blog name is awesome by the way. Enjoy blogging! :)