Sunday, January 16, 2011

Card Making

I've realized recently that I have no true hobbies.  I love to read, but for some reason I only do it for a few minutes before I fall asleep.  I've been thinking about what I can do as a creative outlet, because it feels like all I do is work, and that's not healthy for anyone.

I have recently become a little obsessed with the idea of making cards.  I used to make them on a simple basis when I was a child.  I've been a little put off by the notion that I need to buy a lot of supplies for it, such as a Cricut, and money is tight.  I do think it's something I'm going to pursue, though.  My son will be moving to another city in a couple of days, so his bedroom will be free and I'm thinking of turning that into an office.  That means I'll have an actual place to work on hobbies.  I'm so excited about that.

Here are a few examples of cards I like and that give me some inspiration.  These images are all borrowed from

Aren't these lovely?  I'd be interested in hearing from some of you about whether you've ever made cards and what supplies and equipment you use.  Also, does anyone have any good links for blogs or general websites that have tutorials to share with me?

Have a happy, peaceful Sunday!


Buttercup said...

These are adorable. I do make cards, but with very simple supplies. I have become a frequent visitor to Michael's -- they have great sales -- and I use card stock and some of the cute things for cards and scrapbooking. I've bought some of the cut-outs, too. I used one with leaves for cards in the fall and they were cute. I went to a Stamping Party in the beginning of my desire to do cards about two years ago and picked up some basic supplies and got some techniques. I probably spent too much -- $70.00 -- but had a great day and learned a lot.

Soup coupons are in the mail for you. Enjoy!

Toyin O. said...

Very nice looking cards, you are very creative.