Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terror in Tucson

This is what we've been dealing with today in our fair community.  This senseless act of violence has left Arizona, and indeed the whole nation, in shock.

Regardless of your political leanings or feelings about Gabrielle Giffords, please send good thoughts and prayers to the victims of todays mass shooting.  While it looks promising that Congresswoman Giffords, who is from my beloved city of Tucson, will survive, others were not so lucky.  Among the deceased are a Federal judge and a precious 9-year-old child.  Please pray for them and their families.

I am just devastated and sickened by this.  I know that soon things will return to "normal", but my fervent wish is that the events of today will not discourage other politicians from doing what they need to do:  reaching out and interacting with their constituents.  How sad it will be if they become even further removed from the hopes and needs of the people they represent because of fear of attack.  I can't say I blame them if it does deter them, I just pray that it doesn't.


Buttercup said...

Melissa, I am sickened and heartbroken, too. As a government employee whose function includes going out to events and meeting people this is always a worry for me and those I work with. My thoughts and prayers for those injured and for the families of those who were killed. Prayers for all of Tucson.

Melissa F said...

Thank you. It's just surreal. I work for a state institution, and many of my colleagues have worked with Gabrielle Giffords on different projects. All speak highly of her. I am hoping and praying she pulls through, and I pray for everyone who has been affected.