Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Loot!

My birthday was this past weekend, and boy am I a lucky girl!  I received some great gifts.

From my husband:

Coach sunglasses (pink!!)

Silver bead necklace and bracelet

Shake Weight

From my son and daughter:

Philosophy "Unconditional Love" Firming Body Emulsion

With birthday money from family members, I got a new Coach purse

I am blessed (and spoiled) beyond belief.  It was such a nice birthday, but not because of the material things.  This is the first year I have been able to spend my birthday with the majority of my family and both my kids. The past four years my son has been away at college.  It was amazing having both of my babies home with me, and my daughter even spent the weekend.  And my husband took me to the zoo!  I love my family!!


Elizabeth said...

Hey, we both had a birthday recently, and I just showed everyone my birthday loot too. My birthday is on the 4th, what day was yours? I too got a purse, but from Cole Hann. I was spoiled too, and had a great day.

Melissa F said...

My birthday is on the 3rd! There are lots of October birthdays, have you noticed? I like your purse, too! I'm a little purse crazy. Most of my friends love shoes but for me it's the purses.